“For the last three decades the LRC has been the most important public interest litigation organization in South Africa … the LRC has championed and defended the poor, marginalized and vulnerable in pursuit of life, dignity and equality of all.”

– Zackie Achmat | Founder of the Treatment Action Campaign

How We Work

Legal Advice

The LRC is a client-focused organization. The LRC offers
front-desk facilities in all regional offices where clients can
receive legal assistance, advice, and referrals.
How We Work


The LRC has an extensive track-record of litigation, with
a strong reputation for thorough preparation, both in court
and through negotiated settlements. Our litigation has benefitted
hundreds of thousands of clients and laid a basis for
bringing justice to millions more.
How We Work

Working with Communities

The LRC’s clients include communities seeking to assert
their rights. We work to ensure that these communities are
involved at all levels of the legal process, that they’re internal
organizations are supported and that their needs and
interests find a voice on the national level.
How We Work


The LRC trains paralegals, community advice officers and
members of the legal community on human rights law. We
also engage communities on their rights, inviting clients
and communities to attend training, workshops, and community
meetings, contributing to awareness-raising and
rights-based education.
How We Work

Advocacy and Communication

The LRC engages with media, the legal community, communities
and members of civil society in order to influence
the discourse around human rights and constitutional
law, share our stories and successes, and invite critical
How We Work

Law reform and Policy development

The LRC makes submissions on behalf of clients to Parliament,
local and international bodies, and decision-making
entities. We also monitor legislation and government
activities where these impact our clients.
How We Work


The LRC works with a range of international, regional and
local partners. The LRC has strong partnerships with the
Canon Collins Legal Assistance Trust (CCELAT) in the
The United Kingdom and the Southern Africa Legal Services
Foundation (SALS) in the United States.
How We Work

Applied research

Research undertaken by the LRC is used to inform the
litigation undertaken on behalf of our clients. Research
supports test cases or challenges interpretations of the law
that are not in accordance with constitutional principles.
How We Work

Global and Regional engagements

Our regional work is primarily aimed at the African Commission
on Human and Peoples’ Rights. We also support
legal practitioners from other countries to litigate in their
domestic or regional jurisdictions. The LRC also engages
in the global context in order to share our considerable
expertise in litigation, particularly around socio-economic