When it comes to water, what are your rights? The Amanzi Ngawethu! App is designed to empower communities across South Africa to assess and understand their right to water. It also enables the public to communicate with and hold accountable local government agencies that are responsible for providing water.

By using Amanzi Ngawethu!, members of the public find out whether they are receiving this minimum standard and who they should contact if the minimum standard is not being met. It’s a simple assessment process and you receive the outcome straight away, which allows you to show the results to the people responsible for providing water.

The Legal Resources Centre, who designed the Amanzi Ngawethu! At6spp, can also use it as a monitoring tool. It records the total number of assessments done by the public by week, month and year, and maps out the areas of South Africa where people are not receiving the minimum standard of water. This helps us to get an overall picture of the delivery of water in South Africa.

You can download the Amanzi Ngawethu! on the Google Play Store