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Abby Buttle – Protecting the right to a basic education for undocumented learners: An update from the Legal Resources Centre

Abby Buttle In September 2019, the LRC took on the Department for Education in the Makhanda High Court in order to defend the right to education of undocumented learners. Background In South Africa, the funding for “no-fee” schools used to be determined by a survey at the beginning of each school year which, among other […]

Abby Buttle – Using human rights law to address the sanitation crisis in Makhanda

Hundreds of Makhanda residents are currently living with raw sewage periodically flooding homes, roads and grazing land. In some areas, children are having to cross sewerage spills in order to get to school. On top of the unimaginable stench which residents face on a daily basis, the spills have caused serious health problems and irreparable […]

Ready for Restitution? The People Are But our Institutions are Not! Lessons from the Prudhoe Community claim

South Africa embarked on a land reform process in 1994 to address the country’s tragic history of inequitable land distribution along racial lines. One of the aims of the process is to provide redress for people dispossessed of their rights in land as a result of racially discriminatory laws or practices. At the centre of […]