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Ride for Justice

In November 2013, a team of seven cyclists taking part in the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge www.cyclechallenge.co.za in Johannesburg joined the LRC Ride for Justice Campaign. Although a small team initially, their commitment has been the impetus to start a dedicated campaign in support of the LRC that will see a team of cycling enthusiasts ride the 94.7 Cycle Challenge every year.

When you join the LRC Ride for Justice team, you become part of a group of spirited and engaged social justice campaigners who are committed to protecting and promoting the rights and responsibilities outlined in the South African Constitution. The campaign gives cyclists an opportunity to raise awareness about human rights and contribute financially to South Africa’s largest independent, non-profit public interest law centre.

Become a member

To become a member, you simply need to enter the 94.7 Cycle Challenge, commit to riding under the Ride for Justice campaign wearing our cycling shirt and raise funds through monetary pledges from family, friends, and supporters.

Your financial contribution to the Ride for Justice Campaign will help continue the good work of the LRC.

To join the Ride for Justice team, please email Christine Malata at christinem@lrc.org.za or phone 011 838 6601.