Your support is crucial to promoting democracy and freedom in South Africa. Help us to fight injustice and make human rights a reality for all.


How can I give to the LRC?

The Legal Resources Centre invites you to make a donation in one of the following ways:

Make a quarterly or annual contribution using a direct deposit or stop order.
Make a monthly donation through debit order.
Make a once-off donation through an EFT: See our bank details below
Make a donation online: You can make a secure payment via GivenGain:

Account Name: Legal Resources Trust
Account Number: 2957333716
Bank Name: Nedbank
Account Type: Savings
Branch Code: 198765

Reference: Your Name and Contact Number
For Standard Bank clients, please use Branch Code: 19876500

For more information, email


Is my donation tax-deductible?

The LRC is a registered Public Benefit Organisation under section 18 A of the South African Income Tax Act and all donations are tax deductible.


Why should I give to the LRC?

The South African Constitution, often noted as one of the most progressive in the world, provides a firm foundation for all who live in the country to realise our basic human rights and dignity. However, despite the promise of progressive rights, South Africa has struggled to ensure that freedom and democracy deliver not only the right to vote, but also opportunities for economic and social advancement.

As a result, poverty and inequality persist on a scale that threatens the achievement of the transformation envisaged by the Constitution.

Although the South African Constitution is a document containing an extensive number of rights, accessing these rights remains a challenge in a country. Many people remain ignorant of their rights and ways to access them. Few people can afford legal representation.

This is where the Legal Resources Centre steps in. Services provided by the LRC to its clients are free. Our clients come from poor socio-economic circumstances, conditions of poverty, unemployment, lack of status or conditions of discrimination.

We do not receive any subsidies or government funding. Like all non-profit organisations, the Legal Resources Centre relies on donors and individual givers to sustain its work. Consider giving to the LRC in order to ensure that we can continue to provide crucial legal services.

See what others have said:

“My support for the LRC reflects my longstanding belief that basic rights should apply to all regardless of income, power or position in society. It’s therefore important (everywhere, but particularly in SA) that even the poorest & most marginalised should have access to justice and the protection of the law.”

John Gibbs, longstanding supporter of the LRC

“Lack of funds is a major obstacle to ordinary and indigent people accessing justice. It is therefore important for ordinary working people to support the LRC financially, even in small amounts, to continue ensuring access to justice.”

Sisa Makabeni, former Candidate Attorney at the Legal Resources Centre

“The central achievement of our transition in 1994 was the establishment of a constitution that enshrined a bill of rights protecting all people living within South Africa’s borders. I believe that this achievement defines who we are as South Africans and is the one document that should transcend all the inevitable divisions of socio-economic circumstance, ethnicity, race and religion in our society. An important yardstick of our success as South Africans is the extent to which this constitution serves to protect, not the interests of the powerful- for important though that is, it is the easy part – but the interests of the most marginalised and vulnerable in our society. To my mind the LRC is the one organisation working to ensure that our society and its constitution does, in fact meet, that demanding yardstick. In contributing to the LRC, small as that contribution is, I hope that I am playing a role in fulfilling the promise of the generation who came of age alongside the constitution in the mid-1990s.”

Henry Gilfillan


What does the LRC do with my donation?

Every donation goes to sustaining the work of the LRC. This involves but is not limited to:

  • Sustaining our front-desk facilities in all regional offices where clients can receive free and quality legal assistance, advice and referrals.
  • Contributing to the costs of counsel undertaking litigation on behalf of our clients and in the public’s interest.
  • Providing for the training of paralegals, lawyers and community advice officers, including the provision of training manuals and resources.
  • Contributing to the development of educational resources, including rights-based educational materials, as well as materials used to assist non-profit organisations with their registration and governance.
  • Sustaining our advocacy and communications support, as well as our partner networks.
  • Supporting our engagements at the regional and international level.
  • Contributing to the development of a new generation of human rights lawyers.



How do I make a tax-exempt donation from outside South Africa?

Make a tax-exempt donation within the USA and the UK:

USA: Friends of the LRC – website still under construction. Please email in the meantime.

UK: Canon Collins Trust – see:

To make a bank transfer in the UK, please use the following details for our UK, please use the following details for our UK-based partner, the Canon Collins Educational and Legal Assistance Trust.

Bank: Lloyds Bank Plc Account Name: Canon Collins Trust
Account Number: 01857432
Sort code: 30-94-57
Reference: “LRC” and your name

Please make cheques out to the Legal Resources Trust

If you are a UK taxpayer and you sign a Gift Aid Declaration, we can reclaim 25p for every pound you donate, at no cost to you. To sign the declaration, please go to the webpage or contact the office +44 (0) 20 7354 1462

Please complete the form below and return by email to or post to Canon Collins Trust, 22 The Ivories, 6 Northampton Street, London, N1 2HY

Authority for a Donation by Debit Order to The Canon Collins Educational & Legal Assistance Trust

I would like to give or increase my regular gift to the Legal Resources Centre
To the manager of (name of your bank) ………………
of (branch address)……………………………….
Postcode ………………………………………..
Please debit my account number …………………….
Sort Code ……………………………………….
And pay to: Canon Collins Trust, Lloyds TSB plc, 19 Upper Street, London, N1 0KP
Account Number: 01857432
Sort code: 30-94-57
The sum of £ ……….. on the (start date): ………./………./……….
and monthly / quarterly / annually (delete as appropriate) until further notice.
Signed ………………………………………….
Date ………./………./……….

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