Over the years, the LRC has welcomed legal and non-legal volunteers or interns from all over the world.
The LRC accepts applications from students who have completed at least one year (preferably two years) of their legal or other studies. Interns who apply for, and are granted, an internship from outside South Africa are considered to be volunteers.

The LRC does not pay a stipend or remunerate interns in any way. The LRC does not provide any medical benefits or insurance to interns. Medical insurance and/or travel insurance should be obtained prior to the intern’s departure for South Africa.

What will you do?

Legal interns will be exposed to legal research and litigation and will be expected to assist with drafting legal memoranda, providing legal opinions, interviewing clients, and assisting the LRC in preparing applications and actions.

The LRC also accepts internship applications from students or professionals with an interest and/or background in fundraising, communications, marketing, management, accounting, social science research or similar field. Non-legal interns will assist in an area of work that most closely fits their expertise.

How long is an internship?

The duration of an internship is typically a minimum of eight weeks and does not exceed six months in duration. To the extent possible, applications are strongly encouraged to be submitted at least six months in advance of the date on which you would like to start the internship.

Transport and accommodation

Interns are encouraged to make prior arrangements for accommodation and transport for the duration of their stay in South Africa. You may obtain more information from the respective LRC regional office should you be accepted.

How to apply

To apply for a legal or non-legal internship at one of the LRC offices (Durban, Johannesburg, National, Makhanda or Cape Town), please send the following to interninfo@lrc.org.za

  • Curriculum Vitae no longer than three (3) pages
  • A cover letter motivating appointment. Cover letter to include a) the regional office you would like to intern in, b) your available dates (indicating the start and end dates) and c) what citizenship status you hold
  • Any other supporting documents