The Legal Resources Centre was created in 1979 to provide legal services to poor, marginalized, and vulnerable groups within South Africa, and to assist with the struggle against apartheid. When the Constitution was adopted in 1996, the Legal Resources Centre’s work was billowed out into nine thematic areas of work. These areas stemmed across the discourses of civil, political, and socio-economic rights which yielded exceptional results that changed the lives of millions of South Africa.

Although this great work has allowed the Legal Resources Centre to grow as a reputable law clinic in South Africa and internationally, a decision was taken to refocus the LRC’s energy towards the two biggest crises underpinning South Africa, that being the land debate and the provision of quality education to children.  As a result of this decision, every other focus area will not be continued and the work currently within the Legacy Focus Area will naturally come to an end once those areas of work are completed.

All work to be carried within the Legacy Focus Area has been meticulously reviewed with clients, donors, and the public in mind.

Our work, now housed under the Legacy Focus Area, has been concerned with:

Equality and Non-Discrimination

Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrant Protection

Openness and Accountability

Access to Justice and Civil Society Support