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Press Release: Closure of Refugee Reception Office decision on appeal in SCA

Press Release: Closure of Refugee Reception Office decision on appeal in SCA



Published by Legal Resources Centre 01 September 2017

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For Imme­di­ate Release: 01 September 2017


On Monday, 4 August 2017, in the Supreme Court of Appeal, a judgment made in the Cape Town High Court on 24 June 2016, affirming the closure of the Cape Town Refugee Reception Office (CTRRO), will be challenged.

The Legal Resources Centre represents the Scalabrini Centre, the Somali Association for South Africa and asylum seekers.

The High Court judgment dismissed the challenge by our clients regarding the lawfulness of the Department of Home Affair’s decision on the 31 January 2014 to close the CTRRO.

The result will force new asylum seekers to only apply for asylum at Refugee Reception Offices in Musina, Pretoria or Durban. Furthermore, any person with an asylum seeker permit first issued at those offices, will not be able to renew their permit in Cape Town.

The LRC maintains that the decision to close the CTRRO violates the rights of asylum seekers, particularly their rights to equality, dignity, freedom and security of the person, freedom of movement, freedom of trade, occupation and profession, and children’s rights.


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